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Izrada spiralnih stepenica- Enterijer Sremska Kamenica


Izrada spiralnih stepenica

Spiral stairs take the least part of your home and are in a way an ornament in it.

We also manufacture all types of free-standing staircases, as well as coatings for concrete stairs and handrails.

Stairs are made of steamed beech, ash and oak, and they can be varnished either in transparent varnish or in different color according to the customer’s wishes.

Izrada spiralnih stepenica - Enterijer Sremska Kamenica
Izrada spiralnih stepenica - Enterijer Sremska Kamenica

The dimensions of spiral stairs depend on opening in a tile. They are made in width of Ø120cm, Ø130cm, Ø140cm, Ø160cm, Ø180cm, Ø200cm. For example, for stairs of Ø120cm, the opening would be 125×125 (square or round). The height is determined according to the height of the room, and it is calculated from the bottom floor to the top floor. There are two climbing directions: left and right.

For a definite offer to be made, the following data are required:

1. Dimensions of opening in a tile
2. Floor to floor height
3. Model
4. Material
5. Final processing
6. Length of the handrail on the top floor (standard price of the stairs accounts for up to 1m handrail on the top floor)
7. Location of the object

Merenje otvora za stepenice - Enterijer Sremska Kamenica

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